Taylor Campbell Full-stack Web Developer in Richmond, VA

  • Ruby on Rails, React
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Sass, Bower, Grunt
  • jQuery, PHP, WordPress
  • AWS, Ubuntu, Mac OS X
  • Elasticsearch, AngularJS
  • Curious, creative, helpful


I write web apps.

Since I was ~15, so almost half my life now. They (and I) have gotten better since my first attempts. I'm currently happily working with Ruby on Rails, React, and PostgreSQL, served with Nginx+Passenger on AWS.


  1. Started making games for fun when I was 11.
  2. Learned HTML, CSS, PHP, JS in mid-teens to make websites for my games, family trips, Harry Potter trivia bots, etc.
  3. Started college at 15. Graduated with a Computer Science degree at 19.
  4. Got a Big Corporate intranet developer job. Read a book, learned .NET, rewrote an Outlook plugin, wrote an AJAX library.
  5. Learned Ruby on Rails on the side. Quit to start my own company.
  6. Launched Coupley, journaling web app for couples.
  7. Launched Storyblue, writing software for novelists.
  8. Wrote Ruby on Rails apps and WordPress sites for clients.
  9. Started working with RTS Labs. Joined full-time. Started working with AngularJS, PostgreSQL, React.


I write code for fun.

I've always been interested in game development -- I fell in love with creating things on computers when I was 11, hanging out on AOL forums and discussing GameMaker and Hypercard. More recently, I've done a couple Ludum Dare 48-hour game jams, with great enjoyment and sleepiness.

Ludum Dare 33: Better than expected!

LD33 Source : I used PhaserJS here. Good engine, but the docs were confusing. Keeping scope under control made this a complete, if not spectacular, first-ever-game. Code was fantastically bad.

Ludum Dare 34: Unsuccessfully ambitious!

LD34 Source : I used PhaserJS as the engine, and used Babel so I could use ES6 features (classes!). That all worked well, I only failed in the 'build a fun game' department. Vastly superior to last, code-organization-wise.

When not writing code...

Richmond has a fantastic art museum. Anya and I go there whenever opportunity arises. They have a great restaurant where I found my favorite cocktail of the year .

I also like to hang out with my kids -- Imogen loves to read and is currently hooked on Code.org, which is awesome, Ira is into Star Wars, though he still calls Chewbacca "the bear" sometimes. I read: Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaiman, Iain M. Banks, Terry Pratchett (and of course Tolkien, Lewis, etc.).

In the fake sports category, I got into golf a few years ago. I play with my dad once a month or so on a Friday, since we're both off work. It's very addicting, and should be relaxing.

I listen to music – Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, Libertines, Punch Brothers, whoever. I want to listen to more Beethoven.

Recipe: Whiskey Sour with a Red Wine Float & Maple Syrup

Ingredients (simplified recipe):

  • 2 oz bourbon whiskey
  • 1 oz maple syrup
  • 1 oz lemon juice (half a lemon)
  • 1/2 tablespoon red wine


  1. Shake bourbon, maple syrup, and lemon juice with ice
  2. Pour into a rocks glass with a big ice cube
  3. Pour red wine over the top of a spoon so it floats on top