Taylor Campbell, Aspirer (semi-pro)

Programmer of Things “Full stack” (Not as delicious as it sounds)

I've been building custom web applications as an employee and a freelancer for a few years now (10ish!), so I have a wide variety of full-stack skills. I'm good at figuring things out and getting things done, which has proved useful, at least to me!

Personally, I'm a fan of Ruby on Rails. AngularJS has also been fun recently.

I hand-crafted this awesome website that you're looking at. It exemplifies the best practices of nothing, but was fun to hack together.

Right now I work at RTS Labs in Innsbrook, VA, with a bunch of smart people.

Personally Excruciating detail for those who care

I like to go to the art museum with my wife. The kids (~4, ~2) like to go as well, though they spend relatively more time running through the grass, and less time sipping a drink and chatting. Different strokes, I guess.

Hobbies Stagecoach robbery  Helping everyone

I've been playing golf for a couple years. It's awesome. Except for all the times it's terrible and frustrating.

It's kind of sad that I wrote about golf before books, but I do like to read (and have been doing it longer than golf, so I'm better at it). I read less than before I had kids.  :)

I like music as well. Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, Modest Mouse, Libertines, Punch Brothers, and you know, just about whatever.