Taylor Campbell

Hi, I’m Taylor.

I'm a developer at heart — I love writing code. There's nothing like sitting down at a blank slate to start a new project. New web frameworks, CSS features, database optimizations... I love learning new stuff and applying it to your projects. :)

I’ve been coding since I was 11, making Myst-like games in Hypercard. I started taking college classes at 15, and teaching myself web development on the side. Got a B.A. in Computer Science when I was 19 and started doing web programming for a Fortune 500 company in 2006.

I found Ruby on Rails in 2009 and loved it. I built some projects on nights and weekends, and left my day job to start my own web consultancy in 2010.

I write web apps. I’m good at picking up new technologies and applying them quickly, and I get things done. If you need a complete app built, whether it’s a startup or a rewrite of a legacy system, I can help.

What I do

Ruby on Rails: Web applications

Wordpress: CMS-driven sites


I’ve set up Linux servers, written apps with CodeIgniter, designed websites, and built MySQL databases. I’ve built video recording sites that used Adobe Flex. I’m flexible and like learning new things, so if the project calls for it, I’ll learn and use it.